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What You Need To Know About Fire Rated Glass

I want you to think about the first thing that comes to mind when I mention fire protection. I can almost guarantee that for most people a red fire extinguisher pops up in their mind. There is a good chance that window glass was not at the forefront of your mind. Many people also tend to focus on fire safety doors but in reality both fire rated windows and doors are a must when it comes to fire prevention.

Although fire rated glass has been an integral part of fire safety, in buildings, for a long time most people know very little about it. It is important to be aware of window systems to ensure the correct product is installed and approved. Installing the correct products will lower the risk and prevent the spread of fire.

What Is Fire Rated Glass?

As the name suggests this is glass that provides a high level of protection from the threat of a fire. Insulated fire windows help to prevent the spread of fire. This glass has to pass the Australian Standards and also adhere to the Building Code of Australia.

Although fire rated glass may look similar to standard glass its fire resistance level is much higher. Having a fire window protection system in place plays a vital role in restricting the area of fire damage that a building receives. 

Our Fire Rated Safety Windows

We provide high quality fire rated windows that don’t compromise your natural light or vision. Whether you own a residential property or commercial we have products to cater to all needs. Our fire rated glass is suitable for both internal and external applications. 

Our range includes different fire rated glazed, glass windows that align with the Australian Standards. We have a range of frames including stainless steel frames and timber frames made to fit any space.

For the optimum fire protection we recommend installing both fire rated windows and fire doors. At Ashes Fire Group we are highly skilled in the area of fire safety. Contact us for further information on our fire rated glass.