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The Importance Of Maintaining Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure adequate protection in the event of a fire. Most fire-fighting equipment is only useful in fire prevention for a limited amount of time. Our fire safety equipment ends up being part and parcel of our environment but it is important not to ignore it.

Australian Standards

The Government requires fire safety equipment to be serviced regularly. Failing to do so can result in it failing in an emergency or fines. When the equipment doesn’t work properly it can lead to a devastating outcome. With fully functioning safety equipment this can be avoided.

Having a fire-safe plan in place is imperative to any establishment. Fire equipment maintenance should include the following devices:

Fire Extinguishers And Fire Blankets


A fire extinguishers nozzle, container area and hose should be checked regularly. It is important to make sure that the unit is charged in preparation for use. The location of the fire extinguishers should be in the proximity of any fire risks to address any fire threat quickly. Fire blankets should also be checked and maintained during routine maintenance.

Smoke Detectors And Fire Alarms

During a routine examination the sensors, batteries, sound and light of smoke detectors and fire alarms should be inspected. The best location for the devices, where they will best detect the threat of a fire, will be confirmed.

Fire Hydrants And Hose Reels

The water pressure and connections of fire hydrants and fire hose reels should be inspected frequently. Their reach should also be tested to ensure that they will be able to control a fire. Any obstructions or obstacles will also be identified to lower any risk.

Emergency Lighting

The emergency lighting will be thoroughly examined, to confirm that they have been properly installed. This will include checking the battery, electrical elements and the automatic lighting sensors.

When it comes to the event of a fire it is best to be prepared. Having equipment serviced and checked regularly will assist with lowering the impact of a potential fire. Get in touch with our friendly team and receive a quote today.