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How the Leading Steel Fire Door Manufacturers Can Maximise the Safety of Your Premises

All businesses owners must comply with Australia’s strict safety regulations to protect their employees, assets and themselves. While the risk of a fire may be small, blazes are far from rare. Fortunately, thanks to the innovative products from leading steel fire door manufacturers, most blazes don’t cause too much damage or result in any injuries. Staying on top of fire door maintenance is crucial, as is choosing the most suitable solution for your premises. If you’d like advice on which doors are right for your building, we can help.

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20170120_120535At Ashes Fire Group, we opened our business three years ago by utilising over four decades of hands-on experience, meaning you can trust us to recommend, supply, install, and maintain the safest and sturdiest fire doors for your premises. Our product range includes sliding doors, self-latching doors and top-rated fire windows, all of which can prevent the spread of a blaze while providing easy access to safe areas.

We only work with leading steel fire door manufacturers to provide our customers with products of unrivalled quality and reliability. We source seals, locks and frames to give you the complete solutions you require. All our doors comply with Australia’s stringent safety regulations, and we continually invest in our product range to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry.

If you have any questions about our steel fire door manufacturers or want to book a site visit so that we can assess your unique requirements, call us on 1300 646 860.