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Passive Fire Protection
Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Ashes Fire Group has over 45 years of expertise in passive fire protection services in Melbourne. We are professional experts who will ensure that you understand and remain compliant with passive fire legislation and standards.

Our essential maintenance services in Melbourne focus on the three main components of fire protection solutions. They are:

  • Prevention
  • Active fire protection
  • Passive fire protection with fire resistant doors.

What Passive Fire Protection Can Do For You

Passive fire protection is a process that compartmentalises a property or building through fire rated walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. that prevents fire from quickly spreading and gives time to people inside that building to escape. The implementation of this fire protection process is essential, as it can save the lives of many people and minimise any unnecessary damage during the fire hazards.

Fire Door Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

The highly trained and skillful specialists at Ashes Fire Group are known for providing a wide range of passive fire protection solutions to commercial, residential, industrial, and government buildings of different sizes.

We are a leading supplier and installer of fire resistant door products, metal door frames, fire rated windows, and much more.

Annual Inspections

We recommend our clients schedule an annual inspection of their fire protection systems. This helps to ensure that their system is in compliance with the Standard Building Code of Australia and they conform to Australian Standards.

Our experts will thoroughly inspect the fire resistant doors, fire rated walls, fire compartments, etc. in your building. Our annual inspection is followed by a report in which we recommend any necessary changes, if required, for maintaining or improving your fire protection system.

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Annual Inspections

We recommend scheduling annual inspections of your fire protection systems to ensure that they meet the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. Our experts can assess your building, conducting a fire door inspection of your fire resistant door, identifying fire-rated walls, mapping out fire compartments, and more. We can also recommend new materials and installations to maintain or improve your fire protection for the future.

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When it comes to fire protection, there’s no better choice than Ashes Fire Group. Contact us today by calling 1300 646 860 , or send us a message via our online enquiry form to request additional information about our fire and smoke doors in Melbourne.