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Passive Fire Protection System


How a Passive Fire Protection System Can Help Keep Your Building Safe

When most people think of fire protection systems, they think of things such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers. These tools and installations fall under the umbrella of what is called ‘active fire protection,’ which includes automatic or manual systems for detecting and suppressing fires. What many people are less familiar with, though, is passive fire protection. However, the fact is that a passive fire protection system can do just as much to protect a building and its inhabitants as active fire protection.

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service img3A passive fire protection system is designed to compartmentalise a building on fire. This compartmentalisation is accomplished through the installation of fire rated walls, floors, doors and windows. These systems are ‘passive’ in that they are just there, waiting to provide their protection if a fire should arise. Passive fire protection is useful because it works to slow the spread of fire or contain it within one room or part of the building.

Passive fire protection can save lives by keeping escape routes open for longer or making fires easier to fight. It can also minimise the damage of a fire, thereby reducing the costs of repair or asset replacement.

At Ashes Fire Group, we offer passive fire protection in Melbourne. Our focus is on installing fire rated doors and windows. Our systems are durable and reliable, acting as powerful aids for fire compartmentalisation and containment. If your building already has active fire protection systems but is maybe lagging regarding passive protection, contact us today to rectify that situation.