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Hidden Fire Safety Hazards Around The Home

You may think that the chances of your home catching fire are low, but then again so has everyone who’s house has caught fire.

No one expects to be the one to be running out of their home fearing for their life, or coming home to the aftermath.

Often, the things that start fires are the things that catch people off guard.

While being prepared to evacuate your home if a fire occurs, it is important to be on the lookout for potential fire-starting sources.

Here are a few hidden fire safety hazards that you should watch out for:


Electrical wiring is something that is often forgotten about because it is rarely seen. A lot of the time someone can be hammering a nail into a wall without even thinking of what is behind it. It is quite easy to pierce a wire and not only hurt yourself but spark a fire inside your walls. To avoid this, use a stud finder with cable detection which will tell you where you shouldn’t go.

Old Appliances

Vintage and retro products are very popular at the moment but technology and electrical engineering has come a long way in terms of safety. Old appliances may look cool but should be only used as a display piece. If you simply must have a vintage toaster to tie your kitchen together, have a look online at some great replicas.

Overheating Laptops

Computers can get pretty hot after a few hours of use. Especially after the latest season of your favourite show drops on Netflix. If you’re staying in bed all day to watch Stranger Things, for the benefit of your computer and personal safety, put your laptop on a solid, flat surface. Soft surfaces restrict airflow and can cause your computer to overheat and catch fire.

9-Volt Batteries

Have you ever put a 9-volt battery to your tongue and got a little jolt? This can happen when 9-volts come into contact with anything conductive. Keeping 9-volt batteries loose in a drawer with metal objects is a good way to find out what happens when a battery short circuits. This can generate enough heat to ignite other flammables in the drawer. It is best to store 9-volt batteries in their original packaging or to cover the terminals with electrical tape.

Loose Wall Outlets

Over time, powerpoints can become loose and generate heat. When you start to feel looseness in a wall socket, you should replace it immediately.

In the event of a fire starting in your home or building, having a passive and active fire protection system in place can increase your chance of survival and the survival of your home. Contact Ashes Fire Group today to protect your home and family.