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When Companies Must Update Inspection Compliance, a Certified Fire Door Inspector is Essential

No one ever wants to find out first-hand whether the fire doors in their office will do the job — but it's essential to be able to know that they will stop the spread if something does spark a fire. Sealed fire doors can make the difference between a total loss and repairable damage. In some cases, they can even ensure that relatively minor fires never balloon out of control to engulf a whole building. However, it’s not just the quality of the fire door itself that matters, although it is important. The installation itself is just as much a part of their ability to function properly. That’s why you should exercise care in choosing fire door installation companies.

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Fire door installationAt Ashes Fire Group, we understand that your business faces two competing pressures: the need to be compliant, and the need to achieve results quickly. That’s why speed and reliability are so fundamental to our business model. Able to source and install the appropriate hardware, we have the skills necessary to ensure you not only have the ideal equipment, but that fire door installation occurs precisely as it should.

It’s this dedication to speed characterised by quality that allows us to stand out from other fire door installation companies. Whether it’s time to retire and replace an old or damaged set of doors, or renovations have created the need for new fire protection, Ashes Fire Group stands by to help you achieve the best results. Contact us at your convenience or call us today to request a consultation or a quote.

It is imperative all companies and buildings comply with the Australian Standards on fire protection so following the standard is important for every business.

Our dedicated team are highly experienced in all aspects of passive and active fire protection and can help you identify risks within your building. Therefore, we can offer advice to help you better mitigate those risks and ensure your building occupants are most safe. If a fire should break out, the closing of a few fire doors will give your occupants clearer paths to exit the building

We also offer other services such as fire window manufacture and installation plus much more. Visit our services page for a complete list of what Ashes Fire Group can do for you.