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ESM Inspections
ESM Inspections

Essential Services Maintenance in Melbourne

With the exception of private single dwellings and sheds or garages, every building requires adequate fire safety measures to be in place. These measures are specially designed to prevent fires from igniting as well as minimise the damage and harm that they can cause. ESM Inspections and Essential Services Maintenance ensure your building is compliant with national fire safety standards set by Standards Australia. To read more about the the standard click here.

At Ashes Fire Group, we possess the necessary experience and expertise to provide comprehensive essential services maintenance in Melbourne, including fire door maintenance. We can assess the condition of fire safety measures throughout the building to ensure that the minimum standard of performance is met according to relevant Australian Standards.

ESM Inspections

There are many fire safety measures that require regular essential services maintenance (ESM) inspections. Some of these include:

  • Fire alarm and fire suppression systems (including sprinklers)
  • Smoke alarms, smoke vents and heat vents
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire hose reels and fire hydrant systems
  • Fire rated windows and doors, including steel fire doors in Melbourne
  • Emergency lighting

Whether you require fire door inspection and fire door maintenance or replacements for alarms and extinguishers, the highly trained specialists at Ashes Fire Group can help building owners, managers and tenants meet their legal responsibilities. We are also capable of installing fire and smoke doors, including steel doors for Melbourne homes and businesses.

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