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When Companies Must Update Inspection Compliance, a Certified Fire Door Inspector is Essential

A fire rated door installation is more than just a sturdier than average door. Indeed, complete fire doors are complex systems that incorporate numerous components of door design and assembly. The door matters, of course, but so does the frame. The locking or latching mechanism matters, too, as does the seal on the door. To ensure the best results when purchasing a fire door for a commercial or residential setting, you need to work with a business that can provide a true and complete fire door design.

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Ashes Fire Group: Your Source for Complete Fire Doors in Australia

Carpark Fire DoorAt Ashes Fire Group, we are proud to offer comprehensive fire door solutions to both residential and commercial customers throughout Australia. In addition to providing you with a durable fire rated door, we can also supply and install all associated fire door components. Our door and frame sets always incorporate fire rated steel door frames, seals, locking or latching mechanisms, and other necessary design components.

Purchasing a complete fire door solution is a must to maximise passive fire protection. Different fire doors are rated to last different lengths of time when exposed to fire. For these ratings to mean anything, though, you need the full fire door solution. Having a fire door installed in a door with a standard frame will not deliver the best results. Nor will affixing a steel fire rated frame to a door but not installing a springing mechanism for a properly designed and insulated fire door. In a fire door installation, the multiple components work together to deliver protection. You need every piece of the puzzle to get the full protection cited in your door’s fire rating.

Ashes Fire Group makes shopping for fire door and frame sets easy. Not only do we understand the importance of having every component in place, but we also offer a vast variety of different fire door designs. From single doors to double doors and from sliding door designs to more traditional latching doors, we have everything you need to match a fire door design to every door in your building. We also have 45 years of experience dealing with fire rated doors and other building fire protection. We can help you achieve greater protection for your entire building, whether that means performing a thorough fire safety inspection of the property or adding fire windows as well as fire doors.

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Our team at Ashes Fire Group is also fully qualified to install your fire rated doors for you. By bringing us in to fit your new door sets once you have purchased them, you ensure that each door has been properly constructed and implemented. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that, should something happen, your fire doors will be ready to offer passive protection.

If you are interested in purchasing a fire rated door and frame set from Ashes Fire Group, contact us today.