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Commercial Fire Rated Doors


Give Your Business Passive Fire Protection in the Form of Commercial Fire Rated Sliding and Self Latching Doors; Australia’s Ashes Fire Group Can Help

If a blaze breaks out in your building, you want to have every possible defence working either to quell the flames or slow their spread until the fire department can arrive. By using passive protection methods such as commercial fire rated doors, you can add significantly to your building’s fire safety resources. However, many business owners do not realise just how much protection fire doors can add to their premises. At Ashes Fire Group, we can help you understand the benefits of these doors, as well as work with you to select and install appropriate fire doors for your business.

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Why Commercial Fire Rated Doors Are a Worthwhile Investment

Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Imagine that there’s a fire in your building. All fires have an origin point of some sort, which means that at the start at least, the fire is contained to a single room or part of your building. Of course, the threat with fires is how quickly they can spread. However, what if you could impede the spread of the flames simply by just closing a few commercial fire rated doors?

Therein lies the huge benefit of installing fire rated doors in Australia. At Ashes Fire Group, we work with clients to design well-insulated metal doors, durable steel door frames and effective seals. These elements create both fire rated sliding door and latching door designs that can act as powerful barriers or blocks against the spread of fire. A fire that would otherwise spread down hallways or into new rooms can be stalled for extensive periods by a fire rated door installation.

Using commercial fire rated doors in this fashion provides many benefits. First off, by containing a fire to the smallest portion of the building as possible, you provide your building occupants with clearer paths out of the building. Keeping these escape routes open is essential to making sure everyone gets out of the building safely. Secondly, containing the spread of the fire minimises the damage to your property, potentially saving everything from server rooms to valuable appliances or equipment. Finally, a fire that has been effectively contained will be easier for firefighters to combat and extinguish.

Trust Ashes Fire Group with Your Fire Protection

If you’re in the market for fire rated doors in Australia, look no further than Ashes Fire Group. We can provide a variety of effective fire door solutions, from fire rated sliding doors to self-closing and self-latching doors. The latter option is especially popular for commercial building owners and schools, as these doors can automatically activate and close as soon as a fire is detected and your fire alarm sounds. Automatic activation maximises the effectiveness of these doors, by making sure they are doing their jobs if a fire does arise.

Are you interested in learning more about Ashes Fire Group and our fire door solutions? Contact us today to ask any questions you may have, or phone us on 1300 646 860.