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When Companies Must Update Inspection Compliance, a Certified Fire Door Inspector is Essential

For any business, compliance is a critical part of a successful operation. Without proper compliance in place for all the various regulations the business faces, you risk fines and other consequences that can complicate running the company. No one business can handle it all successfully in-house, though; choosing reliable third-party partners for compliance assistance is just as important as reputable suppliers and vendors. One of the most critical areas of compliance lies in the realm of fire safety. No business owner wants to experience the disruption and damage caused by a fire, nor face the potential risk to staff. That's why tools such as passive protections are so important — and why a regular visit from a certified fire door inspector is a necessity.

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Fire Door InspectionAn inspection is key to ensuring that a fire door retains its ability to withstand high heat and active flames for up to several hours before failing. At Ashes Fire Group, we make it quick and easy to ensure that you are fully up to date with your compliance requirements for the current period. For companies that choose to partner with our professionals for their next fire door inspection, we use a tried and true process. Here’s how it works.

How We Provide Fire Door Inspection Services to Companies Like Yours

First, schedule a visit with our certified professionals. Flexibility and responsiveness are important to us, and we work to provide inspections on a timetable that not only fits with yours, but also prevents any potential and undue disruption to the workday. Let us know how many fire doors you have in the building as we work to gain an understanding of the scope of the job. If other fire safety measures need an annual inspection, such as automated fire sprinklers, extinguishers, and alarms, let us know. Packaging it all together allows you to ensure a current inspection on everything, instead of approaching it in a piecemeal fashion.

Next, wait for an inspector to arrive on the appointed day. After a punctual arrival, we will begin the process of carrying out the inspection. We include checking seals, inspecting doorframes, the operation of the door itself, and its condition. Though these doors are often made from steel, damage over time can compromise their ability to stop a fire. We look for any signs of trouble and alert you if we find them. Because we also source and supply fire doors, mitigation of problems an inspection uncovers is simple. Finally, we’ll certify the fire doors as safe for another year and provide you with the appropriate documentation.

Find Out How Easy It Is to Stay Compliant

Straightforward and easy to access, Ashes Fire Group’s ability to supply a certified fire door inspector to companies around Melbourne makes us a leader in the industry. As your “all in one” provider, handling every aspect of fire safety compliance becomes vastly easier than trying to go it alone. We encourage you to explore our other services before reaching out to our team. Let us know how we can help today by using our online form or simply 1300 646 860.