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Fire Door Replacement Services

At Ashes Fire Group, we’re a leading supplier and installer of fire doors in Melbourne, serving domestic and commercial clients Our qualified professionals can assess the safety of your current solutions to determine if you need our fire door replacement services Thanks to having over 45 years of... ... read more.

Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Why Are a Worthwhile Investment Imagine that there’s a fire in your building All fires have an origin point of some sort, which means that at the start at least, the fire is contained to a single room or part of your building Of course, the threat with fires is how quickly they can spread... ... read more.

Fire Doors And Frame Sets

Ashes Fire Group: Your Source for Complete Fire Doors in Australia At Ashes Fire Group, we are proud to offer comprehensive fire door solutions to both residential and commercial customers throughout Australia In addition to providing you with a durable fire rated door, we can also supply and... ... read more.

Fire Door Company

Whether you oversee compliance for a new structure or you are overseeing updates to an older building to ensure proper fire containment is possible, choosing a fire door company is a critical step At Ashes Fire Group, we proudly use our experience and proven process for creating these products... ... read more.

Fire Door Inspection Companies

An inspection is key to ensuring that a fire door retains its ability to withstand high heat and active flames for up to several hours before failing At Ashes Fire Group, we make it quick and easy to ensure that you are fully up to date with your compliance requirements for the current period For... ... read more.

Fire Protection Companies Melbourne

At Ashes Fire Group, we would be happy to help you with your ESM inspection We will look closely at every element of your building’s fire defences, including detectors, alarms, sprinklers, smoke or heat vents, extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, fire rated doors, fire rated windows and more If... ... read more.

Passive Fire Protection System

A passive fire protection system is designed to compartmentalise a building on fire This compartmentalisation is accomplished through the installation of fire rated walls, floors, doors and windows These systems are ‘passive’ in that they are just there, waiting to provide their protection if a... ... read more.

Passive Fire Systems Melbourne

How can you access the benefits these systems offer At Ashes Fire Group, we can help you answer that question With more than half a decade of experience providing passive fire systems in Melbourne, we have cultivated strong relationships with key industry suppliers, such as: Not only can you... ... read more.

Fire Door Installation Companies

At Ashes Fire Group, we understand that your business faces two competing pressures: the need to be compliant, and the need to achieve results quickly That’s why speed and reliability are so fundamental to our business model Able to source and install the appropriate hardware, we have the skills... ... read more.

Steel Fire Door Manufacturers

At Ashes Fire Group, we opened our business three years ago by utilising over four decades of hands-on experience, meaning you can trust us to recommend, supply, install, and maintain the safest and sturdiest fire doors for your premises Our product range includes sliding doors, self-latching doors... ... read more.