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Ashes Fire Group is a Fire Service’s company that provides a complete ‘One Stop’ approach for all your protection requirements. Fire doors and frames are a speciality.
Fire Doors In Melbourne

Fire Doors In Melbourne

Ashes Fire Group is a leading passive fire protection service provider in Melbourne with more than 45 years of experience. We are renowned as premium fire rated steel doors suppliers and for offering a one-stop solution for all fire safety requirements as we provide a wide range of professional assistance to our clients to prevent and mitigate the outbreak of fire. Our service covers a wide range of fire safety solutions starting from supplying fire rated doors, sliding fire doors, and fire rated windows to the installation and maintenance of these products. We have a certified team who are committed assisting you throughout in the entire process, starting from audit to rectification and helping you in delivering the compliant result for all the fire protection and safety requirements.

Our Services

While we specialise in Melbourne fire doors, we are also capable of providing a range of other fire safety measures for your property.

We can help you with:

  • Fire and Smoke Doors in Melbourne – As leading fire door suppliers , we can provide commercial and residential fire rated doors that are manufactured to Australian Standards.
  • Fire Rated Windows – In addition to a fire exit door , we can provide you with fire windows, inlcuding steel window frames in a variety of profiles that are suitable for internal and external applications.
  • ESM Inspections – We can assess the condition and performance of fire safety measures, including including Fire zoning walls,Path of travel (egress), extinguishers, fire suppression systems and more.

Why Choose Us?

We are renowned for providing high-quality fire doors in Melbourne. Our clients also trust us for a wide range of other fire safety services that includes:

  • Maintenance and installation of all fire rated doors in Australia, including fire exit doors, smoke doors, and steel doors.
  • Fire rated door frames, closers, and hardware.
  • Fire emergency doors with access panels and glass vision.
  • Maintenance and installation of the residential fire rated doors for high-performance features and exit.

We supply high quality residential and commercial fire exit doors in Melbourne that are manufactured in house to suit your needs, giving you the customised suitability to your needs. Our wide range of fire windows is suitable for both external and internal applications.

Our ESM inspections service includes the assessment of safety measures, such as fire extinguisher, alarms, suppression system, etc. We also provide a report for our inspection service, which ensures the future fire safety protection of your property.

Ashes Fire Group has 45 years of solid expertise in servicing a wide array of industrial sectors all over Australia that includes:

  • Commercial, such as office complexes and factories.
  • Residential, which includes apartment buildings and private homes.
  • Industrial, such as AirLiquide, BlueScope Steel.
  • Government sector, includes note printing Australia, the Treasury building.
  • Building Sites, includes new fit out and refurbishment works.

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Are you searching for quality fire doors in Melbourne? For more information and queries on our services and products, feel free to contact us on 1300 646 860 or ashesfiregroup@gmail.com.

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